Should You Buy an Essay Online or Not?

Now a days we can see thousands of websites like selling an essay. Students from all over the world are buying essays online. These online companies are making money. These companies get their work done in foreign countries at a cheaper cost and getting handsome money from customers. Most of the essay writing is done in India. In India, people are paid per hours for essay writing. People in foreign countries are buying essay but buying online essays has both pros and cons.

Why should you buy online essay

Buying online essay is easy. People can get an essay on any topic they want. Lots of companies are available so people have a lot of options they can choose from. Many people are getting employment in these companies. People from a different country are sharing their views. It saves lots of time so that people can do other work. Sometimes students have not enough time to write because of health problems or family problems, so these companies are helping students to get the good result.

Why should you not buy online essay

If someone is buying online essay, it means he is not using brain. These online companies are playing with future of youth. Youth is becoming lazy, and they do not even try because they know that they will get this topic online. They are ready to pay how much money. They don’t get bothered. Many teachers find it easy to identify students either write himself or getting it online. Students are getting zero in the assignment. It is destroying their carrier.

People should think before buying online essays because they can be caught. People should try writing on their own.  It will enhance their skills. They will be mentally strong and will gain lots of information. They will be self-independent.

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